Friday, November 16, 2007

Myths about Atheism: There is definitely no god.

Saying that an atheist believes there is no god is not as accurate as saying that atheists don't believe there is a god. No atheist I've ever met has said that they are 100 percent sure that there is no god. The number is usually something like 99.9+ percent, which is as sure as we can be of anything. Atheists always leave open the possibility that they are wrong, if some evidence were given that proved the contrary. So when Christian Joe tells me, "You're just as convinced that there is no god as I am that there is a god"...well, Christian Joe is wrong. I am convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that there is no god. He is convinced beyond any doubt that there is a god. Any new information I take in, I take for its value in respect to other information that I have. Any new information that Christian Joe takes in, he takes in for its value in respect to the assumption that there is a god. If any information suggests that there is not a god, it must be faulty. Christians are actually very good at explaining away the most common signs that there is no god.

Bad things happen to good people, and vice versa: This life is not what matters...You will be rewarded in heaven...God is testing us...those things are actually the work of Satan, which God allows to a certain extent

We now know that we got here by evolution: God started and guided evolution...evolution is a hoax promoted by Satan

I don't feel the presence of a god: There is a sin in your life that you have to get rid of...God is testing your faith...You're not really a Christian

The list goes on, but the point is that these are all pretty good reasons if you operate under the blind assumption that god exists and the Bible is his infallible word.

As an atheist, I do not operate under the assumption that there is no god. I have found no reason to believe there is a god, but am continually open to any proof that does not require you to first assume there is a god.

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