Saturday, February 2, 2008

New blog up and running

I have finished constructing my new site, Very Special Monkeys, and am eager to get some deep thoughts out there. Why "Very Special Monkeys" you ask? My reasons are the same as monkeys sell!

See, your curious to see what it means, aren't you? Well the only way to find out is to go there.

By the way, I have decided to write one lengthy post per week, which will be posted every Wednesday night. So make sure to check back once a week, and spend the rest of your time reading other people's thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Hey there my Athiest friend,

Take a minute to peruse

and you'll see why Bono is saying "Forget Africa, donate your money to JFC"

and why Christians are saying "You evil, sadistic bastards, you can't make
fun of our lord in such a blatant and highly realistic fashion!"


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
Funny, I heard only a fool does not believe in God. Many biochemists have run into a brick wall with Darwins theory of Evolution. They come into problems dealing with irreducible complexity. Even when Bill Gates looked at DNA, he commented that it looks very much like computer code. Many scientists are turning to intellient design. There is even a NASA scientist who discovered that the great flood could explain almost 17 features of Earth, such as: fossil record, lack of planet canopy, mountain ranges, ocean treanches, and more. The vastness, and wonders of the Universe alone envokes wonder and awe. By all means, please, let me know if a bomb set off in a printing shop has ever created a dictionary, because this is almost the same odds, that the "Big Bang" ever created the universe. Please explain, out side of intelligent design how the Earth has life, the perfect placement of the magnedospere, that protects us from deadly radiation. The Ozone layer that protects us fron UV radiation. The Ionishere that allows worldwide HF communications. The Tropospere that progates precipitation, and allows plants to grow. Ocean arisoles that help it to rain. How about our distance from the Sun, keeping us from being too hot or too cold. Odds are strongly against all of this just being an accident. How about the fact that the distance and size of the moon is perpect for keeping the planet Earth clean. Too far or too close, and the Earth would be a dirty cesspool, or tsunami sized waves would rubb this planet flat. Scientists have made careers of asking the hard questions, comming up with a hypothisist, designing tests, predicting the resolts, and confiming the results. And by asking the hard questions, many have become even firmer in their beliefs about intelligent design. Perhaps you are not smart enough to understand the probability of intelligent design. Or even simpler yet, you choose not to believe, because you would be forced to admit, that you are accountable to the creator. Instead you choose not to believe, so you can be self centered, and do as you please. Every where you look, is a billboard that proclaims He is there, but you choose not see Him, because you want to be in charge. With Darwin, we disapear with our last breath. With intelligent design, we find we are fallen from our peace with the creator. He loved us anyway and gave us a way to find find grace, and redemption. Have you ever asked yourself, "If I'm in control, why do I do things, I know I didn't want to do?" Something to ponder. Look at "Human Nature" and you will find us all to be in a fallen state. Study the honey bee, and you will notice anefficient community beyond accident. All you managed to say, is you have a mind closed to the idea that the world is not a big accident. ( T. L. Peters' )

Anonymous said...

Regardless of what anyone says Christians and other religions for that matter has absolutely NO PROVE of anything related to a god or Jesus which is a nice story about a great guy. Come on give me a break how long ago was the Bible written and rewritten and translated, its simply out of date and second of all being sentimental in a world that anything is possible won't get you in Heaven (which is also fictious). When I was a child and my parents would occasionally take me to church I would come home and think to myself 'Im never going back because even if Jesus did exsist as God's son and I protested against this religious shit then he would understand and respect me more for thinking as an individual not as a dreaming sheep.' People who cling to this idea of religion and fairy tales are simply afraid of facing the infinte reality that there possibly is no god and we are all ALONE, and who cares doesnt mean you have to be a bad person or are a bad person, just do what you do, period!